Growth Engineering

Home page redesign


Corporate site design for an e-learning and LMS company. I completed this project internally and learned about the importance of following a strict design process.
The company logo was in a very light grey and green so needed the other page elements to be soft or this would look washed out. This presented an initial challenge when choosing a supporting colour pallet. It was also much longer than most logos so needed a lot of space across the top to fit it.

The site was to act as a brochure site to give information to potential customers and to attract incoming leads. The site was also to generate lots of SEO words to help it be discovered in Google. But my goal was to inform customers of the brand values and company work and then make it easy for them to get in contact.

Research & Planning

I had a hard time at first with every area of branding. Everyone in the company had their own opinion of how the company should present itself. I called a meeting and got everyone to call out all the adjectives they felt expressed the values and personality of the future brand and we reduced this to five. Then moving forward through the design and development stages I could ask the more important questions like "does this reflect the brands personality?"

The company also wanted to promote seven products from the same site, these all revolved around e-learning and the LMS but were variations on it. I expressed my feelings that this would be to convoluted and would loose it's appeal but looking back I believe I could have done better at educating of the importance of having a focused message.


I created some wireframes of how the page will look. The focus here was to keep the hierarchy obvious. We wrote out what should appear on the home page and tried to reduce it to the smallest number of components. Once I had the list I started asking what was the most important and what was the least. This gave me the information I needed to arrange the parts on the page and ensure that nothing was fighting for the viewers attention.


Once completing the initial designs I did some user testing around the brand and the home page. I asked 50 people what adjectives came to mind when they saw the home page and the response was nearly identical to the five words we chose at the start. I considered this a success and chose to stick with the design with only a few minor changes.

I also asked the same 50 people what they thought the company did after only viewing the page for five seconds. All understood that it was some kind of e-learning but didn't understand any of the seven individual products that the company make. At the time I considered this a success but looking back I believe this gives the company a very week position in the market.


In reflexion the way that I would improve this project in future is to insist the client simplifies the message they are trying to communicate. The images and text are a scrolling area with several descriptions of services on offer, this means you have to wait to hear about each service or begin interacting with the homepage before you know if the page is even of interest to you.

I believe I have created a strong hierarchy with each element on the page but with so many services on offer from the same page I believe selecting one to focus on would have created more impact to the specifics of what the company is about.