Home page redesign


Redesign homepage to get more people sign up
FilmDoo were expecting a lot of new traffic does to their involvement in a competition so asked me to redesign the homepage to encourage user sign up. Below is their old homepage. There is a large block of text with a drop shadow, at times this is hard to read depending on the background image and there is too much text all in one place.

They have chosen to have a single purpose homepage, which is great, except they have used the same design pattern as Google on their home page which everyone relates to searching (this input is where we want them to put an email address). The button 'get started' is also not so descriptive which doesn't help the 'misinterpreting the use of this input' issue.

Research & Planning

We didn't have a lot of time here so I had a quick chat to them to establish where they saw their brand at present and what they hopped to communicate about the brand throughout the site. We also looked at some existing sites that they considered shared a similar message that they were trying to communicate.

I noted that they considered themselves gender neutral (putting themselves somewhere between apple and microsoft) which lends it's self well to the 'almost flat' ui style made popular by google a year previous which was designed as a middle ground between microsofts flat design and apples skeuomorphic design. This is also modern and youthful as well as maybe a little friendly. They want strong interesting imagery which I explained is often shown with clean black typography and large white space to draw attention to the imagery and reduce confusion on the design. This also plays quite nicely with their desire for the design to communicate how genuine their brand is.


I recommended a 25% black tint over the background image so we can still place white text over it. I split the text into the description of FilmDoo and the description of signing up and given the text a visual hierarchy. I researched design patterns into signup boxes and found that it would be identified easiest in a box on the right. I also changed the button text to 'Sign Up' as used on 40% of signup forms.

I also recommended using 'join now for free' in place of their current scarce resource bait. I felt the resource hadn't been clarified yet and that 9000 isn't very scarce. But they will be updating the text soon.


Having already had all those conversations before designing the interface the process was straight forward and problem free. There were only very minor changes before I send instructions with sizes, positions and colours straight to the developers. After the launch of the new home page they received 50% more signups each day than the average sign up on from the old home page.


I believe the communication between me and the team and keeping them involved in the process at each stage meant we got through this quickly and the final design was a massive success. We have been working on other pages since using Invision to keep good communication over their very international team.